Motionled Technology

MotionLED Technology is a global provider of patented proprietary LED screen innovation for the Outdoor Advertising industry. The company specialises in the design and manufacturing of ultra-thin outdoor advertising screens for use within the transit industry. Our turnkey and innovative solution incorporates both hardware, software and services delivering a full service managed and scalable media offering.

The company’s flagship service is BusLED, which launched in London in 2017 and comprises a scalable landscape digital advertising panel mounted on the side of buses. Dynamic HD content is delivered and managed through our proprietary AdCast content and management platform; a cloud based interactive SaaS management platform delivering intelligent content control and screen performance management.

Our solution delivers high resolution, broadcast messaging with static or full motion imagery. Our data-driven platform, uses a range of intelligent real-time activation triggers and data feeds, enabling campaigns to deploy hyper-targeted, time and location based messaging. BusLED is proven and tested and conforms to all regulatory policies for safety and performance.